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We make upgrading easy. After purchasing the TRUBLUE iQ+ Upgrade Kit, simply send us the TRUBLUE iQ model that you would like to have upgraded and we’ll do the hard part for you!

Here’s how it works:

Once we receive your device, we’ll inspect it for any damage and perform an annual recertification to make sure everything is running smoothly. Next, we’ll attach the additional sensors, braking components, and Catch-and-Hold Subassembly before returning your upgraded TRUBLUE iQ+ Auto Belay back to you for mounting.

Upgrade Kits include all of the necessary hardware that you will need to mount your new TRUBLUE iQ+ on your climbing wall. For a full breakdown of the mounting process, we encourage you to watch this TRUBLUE iQ+ Installation Tutorial.

Only approved service centers will be authorized to install TRUBLUE iQ+ upgrades.

What’s included:

  • Catch-and-Hold installation
  • Base and summit buttons
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Hardware pack and wiring
  • Operator manual
  • Installation Guide


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